Affordable Dentures

The Advantages of Valplast Dentures

Valplast is a flexible base resin ideal for partial dentures or unilateral restorations.


  1. The biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin of Valplast provide the perfect degree of flexibility and stability when processed and finished to the recommended thickness.
  2. The color, shape, and design of Valplast partials blend seamlessly with the natural appearance of the gingival tissues, making the prosthetic virtually invisible.
  3. The strong, durable plastic snaps securely and comfortably into place around the existing natural dentition and gingiva.
  4. The strength of the nonallergenic plastic eliminates the metallic taste and enables the partial to be fabricated thinly enough with nonmetal clasps to avoid the bulky feeling often encountered with ugly, bulky traditional metal partials.


  1. The first step is impressions to see how your teeth are shaped. Adequately measuring the space between your overbite (if you have one) to where the bite meets the lower teeth in your mouth.
  2. Second step is taking final impression to make sure that we have very accurate picture/molding of the mouth. This secondary impression is very important for accurate fit and comfort of the denture.
  3. Third appointment will determine how much you and your dentist want the teeth to show, as well as how much of the overbite will remain natural or will it be adjusted in the new teeth.
  4. The fourth appointment is used to try on your dentures and for your dentist to mark any adjustments that may be required.
  5. The fifth  appointment is when you will be going home with your new teeth.

Aesthetic Valplast Dentures

Valplast is a wonderful material that is known for being non invasive, comfortable, aesthetic, and less costly than a partial metal denture. The material was developed by NASA many years ago and is extremely flexible and has a lifetime guarantee against fracture and breakage of the base ? it’s that strong. One of its great advantages is that it’s flexible, making it somewhat more forgiving than a metal partial denture. There are also no metal clasps visible when you smile.

The Valplast is designed to stretch and slip over the teeth but recoil into its home position once past the teeth and fit snugly around the teeth with no space between the roof of your mouth and the Valplast.

Affordable Dentures in Brooklyn NY

Dentures are also called false teeth. They are prosthetic devices made to replace lost teeth, and to fill the gaps. The types of dentures vary depending on how many teeth you are missing and the reason you need them.

These dentures are for those who have only lost a few of their teeth on a particular arch. These are also known as dental crowns and a dental bridge. They are made straight from crowns that are fitted onto existing teeth as abutments. They are made from materials that will look like the tooth that was lost, matching in color and enamel.

Natural dentures look like real teeth. They are very life-like. These two-toned dentures are made of a strong, lightweight but durable acrylic. Natural dentures are much thinner than conventional dentures. To perform such a procedure, it averagely takes four sessions to complete the entire process.

Here at AFAM Dental, we have a lab and required equipment right in their office, to perform Esthetic dentures. No shipping is involved, and the four-week dental process gets compressed into one day.

We offer quick and affordable dentures, as Brooklyn residents need to save time.

AFAM Dental

The Benefits Of Same Day Dentures

  • Individualized Care

    We are a team of dedicated specialists and our goal is to find suitable treatment for each one of our patients. Our newest technologies allows us to determine patient’s individual dental needs and create personalized treatment plan. Contact us now to get a consultation and schedule an appointment.

  • Experienced Professionals

    Our doctors are knowledgeable professionals who are experienced to treat the most complicated dental problems. We understand that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment, so we create an individual treatment plan for each of our patients to suite their needs and budget.

  • The Latest Treatments

    We provide high-quality, personalized oral health care while keeping patient’s individuality in mind. Our goal is to improve and maintain our patient’s oral health so they can smile with confidence. Latest Periodontics and Implant Surgery techniques, Highest quality materials, experienced dental professionals.

How Dentures Work?

Your dentist will first take measurements of your head, your facial structure, and your inner mouth dimensions. They will be used to determine the size of the arch for your denture teeth. All the bad teeth will then be extracted. Dentist will cast dentures to match shape and color, after dentures will be installed.

While there are affordable dentures, NYC esthetic dentures is the best option. Although New York is known as the city that never sleeps, most people still lack free time.

Getting esthetic dentures in NYC is beneficial to those who want to save time as dentures will be done in just one session instead of four. You can quickly get back to your daily routine, with a new tooth or set of teeth. AFAM Dental has the greatest rates for affordable dentures Brooklyn has to offer.