Advantages of Lumineers:

Lumineers are primarily advantageous technique in modern dentistry, as they enhance smile appearance without compromising Patient’s natural look.

Faster Treatment
Procedure of applying Lumineers is extremely quick and Patient isn’t required to wear any temporaries prior to applying Lumineers or wait weeks while they are made and tailored to perfect fit. Lumineers don’t require any anesthetic or long preparation of the teeth for the treatment.

Reversible Treatment
One of the biggest Lumineers advantages is reversable treatment. If after applying them you are not much to liking the results, feel uncomfortable or decide that there is other dental option more suitable just for you, dentist can easily remove Lumineers and proceed to different solution, as they are not permanent.

Long Lasting
Even though Lumineers are not permanent and can be easily removed by Dental Specialist, they are extremely durable. They easily can last as long regular porcelain veneers and have good resistant to microleakage.

Less Expensive
Smile appearance is important in nowadays life and can truly impact self-esteem along with our lifestyle, however dental materials and treatments costs can sufficiently hurt the budget. Lumineers are great cosmetic solution to keep smile appearance in a good stand without paying a lot of pocket.

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Here are some examples when dentists recommend placing Lumineers:

As a result of certain diseases (fluorosis, caries) or medications influence tooth enamel has a heterogeneous color or dark spots. Patient wants to correct imperfected teeth but does not want prolonged correction of the bite with the help of braces. In many cases, Lumineers become an excellent replacement for braces.

With the help of porcelain plates, patient can hide spots, chips, old fillings, interdental. Patient wants to remove presence of wide gaps between front or side units (diastemas). Lumineers is perfect solution to hide the gaps.

Patient has been consuming food and drinks staining tooth enamel for a long time (strong tea, coffee, red wine, juices, etc.), and the teeth changed color. To mask chips, cracks and other defects.

Dentists Recommend Placing Lumineers:

Not everyone can cover their teeth with porcelain linings. There are many cases when this method of correction is contraindicated.

Lumineers is contraindicated when:

  • Patient has weakened teeth (installing Lumineers will only worsen their condition).
  • Patient has significant tooth decay with caries (in this case, the tooth may break).
  • Tooth enamel is thinned.
  • Patient has severe occlusion defects.
  • Patient suffers from an allergic reaction to Lumineers materials.
  • Patient struggles with bruxism (teeth grinding in a sleep).
  • Patient has certain eye diseases, for example, problems with the retina or previous cataract surgery.

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Lumineers are prepared individually for each patient, as number of teeth exposed during a smile is different for each patient and each patient has different teeth defects.

If the patient wants to change the shape or shade of only one tooth, Lumineers can easily cope with this task.

Porcelain plates are visually indistinguishable from tooth enamel, so adjusted tooth will look quite natural.

If the defect is present on only one unit, there is no need to install the plates on the entire dentition, it only requires the Lumineers to be put on problematic tooth.