Zoom Whitening

Advantages of Zoom Whitening

Fast Results.
Unlike teeth whitening at home, your dentist will be able to give you a noticeably whiter smile in under an hour.

Can Whiten Teeth at Home.
Depending on the extent of tooth discoloration, your dentist may be able to give you supplies so you can tryteeth whitening at home.

Perfect for Sensitive Teeth.
Just because you have sensitive teeth, doesn’t mean you can’t tryteeth whitening. The whitening gel and varnish we use is specially formulated as to not irritate teeth and gums.

Zoom Whitening in Brooklyn NY

Everybody wants to have an attractive smile. A beautiful smile gives self-confidence, so helps to achieve better life. There are several procedures to lighten tooth enamel, such as: whitening mouthguards, ultrasonic cleaning, endo bleaching.

Endo bleaching is a new method which brightens teeth from the inside. Prior to the development of this methodology, all procedures consisted of exposure to chemicals, apparatus or radiation on the external surface of the teeth.

This new method is radical. Dentist “opens” tooth canal and fills it with a special gel and seals the cavity. To get teeth 2-3 tones lighter, patient has to go through the procedure 5 times.

Zoom whitening is a widely used procedure, which takes less than an hour. Its recommended to get a dental teeth cleaning prior to getting zoom whitening, but the results are usually very satisfying.

To perform such procedure, dentist starts with short preparation to cover gums and lips, and have the teeth exposed. Then he applies Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which works along with the Zoom light to penetrate the teeth and remove stains and discolorations.

What is Teeth Whitening

Gel is applied on teeth for three 15-minutes sessions, so the total time of procedure takes 45 minutes. After Zoom whitening, dentist applies fluoride paste-gel on the teeth to reduce sensitivity. For teeth to remain white after procedure, patient will be required to use Zoom whitening kit at home.

Also, it’s advised to avoid tea, coffee, red wine and certain foods after the procedures, so teeth don’t get stained. Also, tobacco products preferably should be avoided.

It’s important to maintain a proper oral hygiene after zoom whitening. Brushing and flossing the teeth help to prevent stains from reforming. Zoom whitening is a very popular procedure nowadays, as its resultative and does not take a lot of neither patient nor doctor time.

Effective Dental Teeth Whitening

While treatment patient may occur teeth sensitivity, however, Zoom light procedures use minimal heat, which is usually is the reason for discomfort. Dentist can also prescribe an anti-sensitivity toothpaste prior to treatment; it helps to lessen the sensitivity while Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Zoom teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 13 years old, for pregnant or lactating women. Treatment may have different results for different patients, because everybody has a different condition of teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is performed by professional dentist, the chances of damage either minimal or none.

Zoom whitening is designed to whiten teeth enamel, so it’s better to whiten your teeth before having cavity filled, so the dental work can match color of your teeth.

The same rule works for the crown. Afterall, zoom teeth whitening is great and effective procedure, however, one should always take care of the teeth at home ad regularly visit the dentist.