Front Tooth Implant

Front Tooth Implants

Missing front teeth is obviously the cause of serious psychological discomfort. People who have lost one or several frontal teeth are smiling less trying to draw less attention to the aesthetic defects of their front teeth; talking less, as their diction is impaired, and it leads to communication problems. Also, with adentia, chewing function is far from perfect.

Front Tooth Implantation is the best way to repair missing front teeth. Its important advantage is the ability to restore the aesthetic functions of lost teeth without turning the neighboring ones (happens with bridge prosthetics).

Implantation is an artificial tooth root installation to replace removed one. Here we will overview the principle of dental restoration procedure through implantation.

The artificial tooth root is made of titanium (tantalum or ceramic) with a special coating that is installed in bone tissue of the jaw and integrates with it due to the high biological compatibility of titanium alloys. After engraftment – osseointegration of the implant (after 4-6 months), a ceramic crown installs on it. Until this moment, temporary removable dentures are installed, most often plastic ones.

Front Tooth Implant in Brooklyn, NY

The best way to restore lost teeth is dental implants. Use of a surgical template guarantees correct size and correct angle implant installation. Only recently is became possible to make a tooth in an hour.

But in recent years, a significant leap has been made in the development of dental technology. Today, there are many methods for preserving, treating, and restoring teeth.

Unlike traditional, but outdated technologies, modern ones allow preserving the natural structure of dental tissue, avoiding or delaying prosthetics installations need and at the same time achieving excellent aesthetic and practical results.


Single Tooth Implants in Brooklyn, New York

Tooth Implant Brooklyn

Therefore, very often, when implanting an anterior tooth, dentists use the method of simultaneous implantation with immediate loading. Imagine, if the tooth is still in dentition, but it must be removed, for example, due to sports injury. In this case, tooth extraction and immediately implantation will be a good solution, and after implantation closing the aesthetic defect with a temporary plastic crown mounted on the implant.

To exclude an implant injury during its engraftment, the crown is being removed from the bite. Subsequently, the plastic crown is replaced by a reliable cermet or crown with a frame made of zirconium dioxide. The main reason why patients choose immediate implantation with immediate loading is the ability to stay “with all their teeth” for the duration of the treatment.