Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth Replacement

Missing teeth could become major problem in various life aspects, so let’s review the methods of dentition restorations and the difference between them.

Dental prosthetics using implants can help completely restore the anatomy and physiology of the dentition, however such procedure is very expensive. Installing implants for missing teeth is the procedure when tooth roots being replaced with artificial ones.

Implants are the tiny metal (titanium or titanium mixture) pots. They have to be placed in the bone socket where teeth are missing. Implants may also need abutment attachments to work as crowns. Afam Dentists will provide you with the instructions of care and damage prevention.

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Another option for missing teeth replacement is fillings. Fillings are the most commonly used type of such dental restoration. Teeth can be filled with carious materials, such as silver amalgam, tooth-colored plastic, gold or glass materials.

Bridges is also often used “false teeth”, which designed to “bridge” the gap created by missing teeth. Another replacement option for missing teeth and surrounding tissues is removable dentures.

Made of acrylic resin, could be combined with metal attachments. After having any of these procedures to have missing teeth replaced, proper care of them is necessary to extend artificial teeth “lives”.


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Therefore, very often, when implanting an anterior tooth, dentists use the method of simultaneous implantation with immediate loading. Imagine, if the tooth is still in dentition, but it must be removed, for example, due to sports injury. In this case, tooth extraction and immediately implantation will be a good solution, and after implantation closing the aesthetic defect with a temporary plastic crown mounted on the implant.

To exclude an implant injury during its engraftment, the crown is being removed from the bite. Subsequently, the plastic crown is replaced by a reliable cermet or crown with a frame made of zirconium dioxide. The main reason why patients choose immediate implantation with immediate loading is the ability to stay “with all their teeth” for the duration of the treatment.

There is no doubt that any inflammatory processes are always better to prevent at the initial stage, but sometimes tooth cannot be saved.

If patient took too long before going to dentist, most likely, the situation cannot be corrected, and the tooth must be removed. There are other cases, of course, such as sports injury, continuous stress, poor nutrition, an unfavorable environmental situation.

All of this could lead to diseases of the teeth and gums. That is why dentists created three main methods for solving the problem: removable prosthetics, permanent prosthetics or dental implants. The final choice is patient’s: based on budget, durability and preferences.