Single Tooth Implant

What is Single Tooth Implant

An implant is a titanium root that is implanted in the jaw bone. Tooth Implant is a full-fledged artificial tooth, which will take all the functions of a lost natural tooth, will look natural externally. Tooth implant consists of three parts, such as the root, the abutment and the crown.

To make sure that tooth implant will not become a problem after installed, patient has to be aware of option he has, such as dental crow. Afam Dental use different types of crowns for tooth implants, they look different and made of different materials.

These days, the most popular materials used in the manufacture of crowns on implants are ceramics and cermet. The main difference between these two materials is presence or absence of a metal frame in the structure. Also, zirconium is a very popular material for crown implants.

Materials We Use

Implants look exactly like natural teeth. Ceramic crowns have greater transparency, so the abutment in this case is required from ceramic or zirconia.

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    Ceramic prostheses are generally recommended in the front teeth areas. Such designs have high biocompatibility, which means they do not have any negative effects on the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

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    Zirconium crowns ae very popular nowadays, because they combine good aesthetic qualities and high strength.

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    Cermet is the most popular material for making dentures. Ceramic-metal crowns for implants on chewing teeth are inexpensive and reliable. They usually require a metal abutment.

Single Tooth Implants in Brooklyn, New York

Depending on the area in which the implantation is performed, as on patient’s budget, dentist chooses the crown material.

For example, is such procedure needs to be performed on chewing teeth and the patient does not want to overpay, dentist most likely will recommend metal-ceramic.

Zirconia chewing crowns are undoubtedly the best option. However, they are more expensive. If prosthetics takes place in a smile zone, the best option would be to place a crown on a ceramic implant.

This way Single Tooth Implant will look natural. Implant crown installation is a procedure when machine made crown being installed on abutment and connected to implant artificial root.

If after installation an implant is stable and there is no indication for delayed prosthetics, dentist puts the crown on the implant immediately.

In the chewing teeth areas, that are not visible with a smile, most likely, the crown will be placed a few months after the final engraftment of the implant.